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Marani Saperavi

Winegrowing region(Appellation):
KAKHETI viticulture region.
Climate type:
Moderate continental
Wine classification:
Regional wine
Varietal composition:
Saperavi 100%
Grape source:
100% Kondoli Vineyards.
Grape yeald:
9-11 ton/hectar.
Wine type:
Dry red.
Wine analysis(indicative):
Alc.13,5% vol; Res. Suger: <3 g/l; T/A: 5-6g/l.


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Grapes are hand-picked at the optimum of their maturity. Soft de-stemming and crushing is followed by fermentation at controlled temperature (23-28°C) in stainless steel tanks using selected yeast strains. Color and body extraction is managed by délestage and remontage. After 8-10 days of maceration, the wine is racked clean, transferred for malolactic fermentation and aged in stainless steel tanks. Small part of the wine is aged in French oak barrels for 3-4 month, to add wine extra dimensions and complexity derived from fine oak.

Tasting Notes

Deep, dark red color
Deep plums, savory prunes and crushed blackberry nose .
Full, ripe, concentrated palate of creamy blackberry fruits, giving way to a long finish with plentiful but polished tannins.