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Satrapezo Saperavi

Winegrowing region:
KAKHETI viticulture region
Climate type:
Moderate continental
Wine classification:
Estates limited release
Varietal composition:
Saperavi 100%
Grape source:
SAPERAVI S01 block of Kondoli vineyards
Grape yield:
4-5 ton/hectare
Wine type:
Dry vintage red
Now, but will benefit by decades of aging
Total Production:
40 000 - 0,75l bottles; 300-1,5l magnum bottles
6 bottle cartons. Individual cartons are available at additional cost.


2016  |  2012  |  2011  |  2010  |  2009  |  2008  |  2007  |  2006  |  2004


Selected block, SAPERAVI S01, of Kondoli vineyards has been green harvested during the first days of véraison (August) in order to artificially reduce the grape yield down to 4-5 tons per hectare and thus increase the overall quality and concentration of remaining fruit. At the end of September grapes were hand harvested in small boxes, hand sorted in our winery, gently de-stemmed and lightly crushed into historical Georgian clay wine vessels called Qvevri, buried in the winery’s earthen floor. The fermentation was performed by natural yeast, found on grape skins. During the whole process of fermentation, which has been held naturally maximum at 26°C, cap management has been performed only by hand punching, thus overall mechanical impact on grape skins has been minimized, ensuring soft extraction of color and tannins from the grape skin. After the long, around 6 months of maceration in Qvevri, the wine was decanted and transferred gently into traditional new oak barriques for 24 months further maturation. The wine was bottled unfiltered, complemented by 6 months bottle aging in our cellar before the release.

Tasting Notes

Deep red color with bricky line on the rim
The nose reveals spices, vanilla and concentrated forest berries
Blackberry flavors and ripe silky oak tannins are dominant on the initial palate. The middle palate is round, full and soft. Fresh, clean blackcurrant flavors and liquorice notes are balanced by attractive oak and ripe grape-tannin complexity