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Marani Kondoli Vineyards Mtsvane-Kisi

Wine-growing region:
Kakheti viticulture region
Climate type:
Moderate continental
Wine classification:
Estate owned single vineyard wine
Varietal composition:
Mtsvane 50%; Kisi 50%
Grape source:
100% Kondoli vineyards
Grape yeald:
6-7 ton/hectare
Wine type:
Dry vintage white
Now, but will grow with honey and dry fruit notes for next couple of years of aging.
Wine analysis:
Alc. 13% vol; Res. Sugar: <3 g/l; T/A: 6 g/l
Nutrition Facts:
Kilojou­les - 295 kJ; Calories - 70 kCal; Carbohyd­rates of which sugar - 1.0g; Contains Sulfates


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Selected blocks of Mtsvane K.05 and Kisi K.05, of Kondoli vineyards have been green harvested during the first days of véraison (in August) in order to artificially reduce the grape yield down to 7 tons per hectare and thus, increase the overall quality and concentration of remaining fruit. At the end of September the grapes were hand-harvested in small boxes, hand-sorted in our winery and chilled down before pressing in pneumatic press. All the necessary measures have been taken to protect the juice from oxidation. After settling the juice, fermentation have been carried out by indigenous yeasts, presented on the grape skins at 13-14°C in order to preserve natural aromas. On completion of fermentation tanks were topped and hand stirring applied for 6 months of aging for flavor and aroma integration. Minimum filtering during bottling and 4 months of bottle aging completed the process.

Tasting Notes

A light gold with greenish hue
Two native varieties compose a natural marriage of fresh, leafy and flower blossom from Mtsvane and rich tropical fruits, pineapple and ripe plums aromas from Kisi
The palate is long and luscious with distinguished features of each varieties standing out in persistent finish with peach and nectarine of Kisi and aromatic citrus freshness from Mtsvane