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Marani Kondoli Vineyards Saperavi–Merlot

Wine-growing region:
Kakheti viticulture region
Climate type:
Moderate continental
Wine classification:
Estate owned single vineyard wine
Varietal composition:
Saperavi 50%, Merlot 50%
Grape source:
100% Kondoli vineyards
Grape yield:
6-7 ton/hectare
Wine type:
Dry vintage red
Now, but will benefit by 6-8 years of aging
Wine analysis:
Alc. 14% vol; Res. Sugar: <4 g/l; T/A: 4,5-5,5g/l


2016  |  2011  |  2010  |  2009  |  2007


Selected blocks of Saperavi K.2001 and Merlot K.348, of Kondoli vineyards have been green-harvested during the first days of véraison (in August) in order to artificially reduce the grape yield down to 7 tons per hectare and thus, increase the overall quality and concentration of remaining fruit. At the end of September the grapes were hand harvested in small boxes, hand sorted in our winery and then gently de-stemmed and crushed for further fermentation, which took place in open lid 225 l barriques. During the whole process of 20-25 day long fermentation, cap management was performed only by hand punching, thus overall mechanical impact on grape skins has been minimized and ensured soft extraction of tannin and coloring elements. After the maceration, wine was transferred to closed oak barriques for malolactic fermentation and maturation. The blend itself was made after 6-8 month and then aged up to 12 month. Coarse filtration complemented by bottling was followed by 6 month bottle maturation in our cellar before the release.

Tasting Notes

A beautiful dark red
Black currant and blackberry are dominant with hint of mint and smoky notes
Mouth is full and juicy with blackberry, prune and dried fruits, backed by tobacco, grilled herbs and some tones derived from oak aging with lingering finish of dried fruit and savory tannin