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Marani Kindzmarauli

Wine-growing region:
KAKHETI viticulture region
Kindzmarauli Specific Viticulture Area (SVA)
Climate type:
Moderate continental
Wine classification:
Appellation wine
Varietal composition:
Saperavi 100%
Grape source:
100% company owned vineyards
Grape yield:
8 ton/hectare
Wine type:
Medium sweet vintage red
Wine analysis:
Alc. 11% vol; Res. Sugar 35-45 g/l; T/A 5,5-6,5g/l


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Grapes are hand-picked at the optimum of their maturity. Soft de-stemming and crushing is followed by fermentation at controlled temperature (23-28°C) in stainless steel tanks. Wine is fermented using the cultural yeast strains. Skin and cap management is performed by délestage and remontage. After 5-7 days of maceration, when usually the desired level of residual sugar is reached, fermentation is stopped by cooling, in order to retain the natural sweetness and freshness of the wine. Afterwards wine is kept cold at around 0°C before bottling.

Tasting Notes

Purple red with inky hue along the rim
Crashed blackberry jam and wild raspberry
Sweet and ripe blackberry and raspberry comfiture are prevailing the initial palate. Finish is lingering with lively acidity and sweet, fruity aftertaste