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Marani Tsinandali

Winegrowing region:
KAKHETI viticulture region.
TSINANDALI Specific Viticulture area (SVA)
Climate type:
Moderate continental
Wine classification:
Appellation wine
Varietal composition:
Rkatsiteli 80%, Mtsvane 20%
Grape source:
100% company own vineyards.
Grape yeald:
8 ton/hectar.
Wine type:
Dry vintage white.
Wine analysis(indicative):
Alc.13,5% vol; Res. Suger:<4 g/l; T/A: 5-6g/l.


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Grapes are hand-picked at the optimum of their maturity end of September and beginning of October. Softly de-stemmed grapes are cooled down to t 4-6°C, macerated on skins for 8 hours and then gently pressed in the pneumatic press. Later, the settled and free run clear juice starts fermenting slowly at precisely controlled temperature (15-18°C) in stainless steel tanks. After the fermentation completes the wine is racked clean to another tank for farther refinement. 30% of the wine is aged in oak barrels for 4 month. Wine is released not earlier than August following to the vintage year.

Tasting Notes

Light golden color.
Prevailed by apples, peaches, pears and ripe apricots.
Completely repeats promise of the nose. Mid palate is silky and round with ripe fruity notes. Aftertaste is lingering, supported by light acid balancing the fruity sweetness.