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History of Georgian Wine

A great wine is the most sincere expression of the land and people that give it life. For that reason the birth of wine culture, and the birth of Georgian culture, will forever be bound together. During archaeological digs, seeds of cultivated grape variety "vitis vinifera sativa" dating back 7 - 6 thousand years BC, and 3 - 4 thousand year old massive clay wine fermenting amphoras, “Kvevri” have been uncovered from ancient settlements in modern Georgia, proving these statements accurate. Many etymologists even consider the modern generic word “wine” to be derived from the ancient Georgian word “gvino”.

Georgian culture is filled with legends, ceremonies, and traditions that possess the deepest appreciation for winemaking. Many famous poets, writers, and travelers of centuries past describe Georgia in their writings and annals, as a land of ancient vine-growing and winemaking traditions. Among the first is Apollonius of Rhodes, who lauds Georgia in his Argonautica written around 295 BC.

To taste a wine born in this land of poets, artists, and warriors from valleys guarded by the mighty Caucasus range, located at the cross-roads of East and West, North and South is like taking an epic journey through our combined global history.

The excellence and uniqueness of Georgian wines is based on extensive indigenous grape varieties and perfect matching of soil and climate conditions. Centuries of trial have resulted in different wine styles from every region, from light body whites to heavy bodied reds and sweet wines, even Ice-wine! You can be sure that Georgia produces wines that will suite any palate. In fact painstaking devotion to vine has kept alive over 500 authentic Georgian grape varieties – 38 of which are used for major commercial wine production in Georgia today.