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Satrapezo Gviani

Wine-growing region:
KAKHETI viticulture region.
Climate type:
Moderate continental
Wine classification:
Estates limited release
Varietal composition:
Rkatsiteli 100%
Grape source:
RKATSITELI 04 of Kondoli vineyards.
Grape yield:
4-5 ton/hectare.
Wine type:
Sweet (botrytis) white wine.
Now, but will grow with honey and jammy tones
Total Production:
10 000 - 0,375l bottle.
3 bottle cartons.
Wine analysis:
Alc.12,5% vol; Res. Suger:l00 g/l.


2009  |  2007


Rkatsiteli 04 block of Kondoli vineyards are situated at the actual proximity to the Alazani River. From the middle of October the early dew and midday sun cause specific fungal infection of the berries called Botrytis Cinarea or “Noble Rot”. Remarkable fungus paradoxically transforms decay into gold, concentrating sugar in every grape berry and enriching with specific, characteristic aromas. The grapes were hand harvested at the end of November in small boxes, hand sorted in our winery and gently pressed in basket press and then fermented for two month at controlled temperature. Light filtration complemented by bottling and 6 month bottle aging in our cellar before the release.

Tasting Notes

Deep yellow color with golden reflection.
Nose reveals enticing aromas of ripe pineapple, peach and apple jam.
Full bodied taste is dominated by peach and quince jam. The beautiful sweet fruit, well balanced with vibrant citrus acidity lingers to harmonious, persistent and sweet finish.