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Beqa Sozashvili

Chief winemaker at the Wine Cellar

Beqa Sozashvili started at TELAVI WINE CELLAR right after the graduation  from the Secondary School. He practiced literally all the positions in the cellar, starting from cellar hand assistant and stepping up to the winery chief winemaker. He studied at the State Agriculture University and got awarded his Master degree in winemaking. Despite his young age, working for years side by side with experienced staff, together with his personal incentives and professionalism, made his nomination at the chief position absolutely logical.

“Growing up in Kakheti, one is grafted to love wine and everything related to it, so am I. TELAVI WINE CELLAR is gradually improving its winemaking practice and vineyard management and here, through close cooperation of these two directions, I foresee myself as a valuable contribution of the company for its successful future”.