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Raphael Genot

Contract Winemaker consultant

Raphael joined our winemakers’ in 2005, bringing in his knowledge and working experience supported by years in France, Spain and Australia. Time of adaptation to the peculiarities of local varietals and wine styles passed and shortly he became the creator of the multiple innovations, even in winemaking with traditional KVEVRI.

“At TELAVI WINE CELLAR, every step on the way from vineyards to the winery and then to the bottle is under careful attention. The soil and vineyard management has definitely turned toward a sustainable policy; substantial parts of Kudigora vineyards are already on the way to Organic certification.
Each year, we experiment different techniques, grape maturity levels, temperatures of fermentation, periods of maceration and thus gradually improving wine quality, but still our best wines are crafted in the traditional clay jars, the KVEVRI”.