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December 29, 2022

For the very first time in history, Marani Chacha is embarking on an unprecedented voyage over the sea, to undergo an unusual method of water aging. This experiment is inspired by the stories of the old - by world travelers few centuries ago, who discovered the virtues of keeping various spirits close to the sea temperature and humidity while being in constant motion over the waves.


By end of December, an entire shipping container was set up to hold oak barrels filled with special blend of Marani Chacha. With particular care, this extraordinary container will be transported to the Georgian seaside to be boarded upon the ship. Beginning the journey from Poti, Georgia, Marani Chacha is bound to spend next few months sailing across the seas and oceans, making number of stops around the world and traversing the Equator along the way.


Georgia has been globally acclaimed as the cradle of winemaking, however, history of the Georgian grape pomace distillate, also known as Chacha, is relatively short, beginning in early 19th century. Already standing out with exceptional aromas, this unique journey initiated by Telavi Wine Cellar will reveal what Chacha characteristics will further be enhanced while being close to the sea. In the meantime, this project will most importantly help raise awareness about Chacha, as yet another exquisite, traditional, Georgian drink on an international scale.